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Forming Arrays

Arrays holds sequential collection of elements of the same type. Each value in an array is accessed in an index manner.

To form an array, we must declare a variable to reference the array and define the data type of the array the variable can reference.


int[] myArray; or

int myArray[];

The first way is the preferred way, the second way comes from C/C++ notion. After declaring the array we have to initialize the array.

int[] myArray = new int[20];

The above statement declares and initializes an array of 20 integers.

The array length need not be constant it can be of length n.

int[] myArray = new int[n];

but once an array has been created; its size cannot be changed. Ofcourse values can be changed.

There is also another way for forming an array with some initial value.

int[] initialArray = {5, 10, 22, 0, 35};